About Dr. Becca

Becca Keyes, D.C.

Dr. Teri

Hi! I’m Dr. Becca Keyes, a chiropractor and certified Neuro Emotional Technique practitioner. 

I wanted to become a chiropractor simply because I wanted to help people heal themselves from the inside out while empowering them with the knowledge that they are capable of amazing transformation. 

It became my dream to be a chiropractor during high school. I was interested in entering the healthcare field and while learning about the human body through my classes, one important fact stood out to me: the body’s incredible ability to heal itself when there was nothing interfering. This is the foundation of chiropractic and it became clear to me that chiropractic care goes beyond eliminating pain. It deeply respects the body’s innate abilities and works to remove interference from these natural processes.

Dr. Teri

Early in my school career I was introduced to Neuro Emotional Technique, further connecting the dots of all the possibilities that inhibit our health and natural abilities. Our emotions do not live in our brains but exist throughout our bodies, causing pain and dysfunction when repressed and ignored. This incredible technique is able to identify these stressors and assist the body in processing them, so they are no longer negatively affecting the person’s wellbeing. 

My understanding of the intelligence of the human body inspired me to pursue a home birth when I became pregnant with my son. I trusted that my body had the innate ability to birth him safely without medical intervention and I felt empowered to give myself that opportunity. Throughout pregnancy, I utilized chiropractic care and NET to manage and eliminate stressors from my body as they arose and in January 2023, I gave birth to my healthy little boy, Henry, in the comfort of our home. 

My Journey

I had intentionally chosen a birth team who trusted me and who would empower me through Henry’s birth, and I felt deeply supported by them throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. My experience has inspired me to support other moms throughout their pregnancy and beyond, providing resources and techniques to manage and heal from the physical and emotional stressors that motherhood unearths. It is my goal to be a provider you can lean on throughout motherhood, to optimize the function of your body so you may achieve the empowering birth you desire, and to work alongside you as you navigate the beauty and intensity of postpartum. 

My approach to your health is to utilize gentle chiropractic adjustments to remove nervous system interference and establish balance in your body. At Balance Chiropractic, we understand first hand how much pregnancy changes the body. Our techniques assist in your growth and healing while honoring the structural changes that remain well into the postpartum years. Pregnancy and postpartum can bring up many fears, insecurities, stress, and old trauma. We can address each one with NET to reduce the effects of these stressors on your system, so you are able to be present and show up fully throughout each stage of motherhood.


  • Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner
  • Webster Technique Certified 
  • Applied Kinesiology 100 Hours Certified
  • Member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)
  • 2017 Cum Laude Graduate of Life University