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Traveling Chiropractic for Babies is available

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Recommended by Chiropractor

As a fellow chiropractor, I have been adjusted many times by many different doctors. But I have never left an adjustment feeling as good as when Dr Teri adjusted me. She adjusted me through 2 of my 3 pregnancies, which made a huge difference in my comfort and in my labor and birth processes. I have brought all of my children to her to be adjusted as she holds certifications for pediatric adjusting that I do not. I highly recommend Dr Teri to everyone, and I urge you if you are pregnant or have little ones, to see her sooner rather than later! My kids are healthy, intelligent, and athletic. Dr. Teri and chiropractic care have supported them tremendously.

~ Dr. Tovar

Dr. Teris Wasn't Just Any Chiropractor

As someone who has gone to a chiropractor for years, I thought I walked into this office knowing what to expect. After my first adjustment, I very quickly realized that Dr. Teri wasn’t just any chiropractor. For years I have gone to chiropractor after chiropractor thinking I was getting relief. I had no idea what true relief was until I walked out of the first adjustment. Chiropractors I have gone to in the past always had me going back for more and more treatments (sometimes multiple times weekly) with very little relief, if any. With Dr. Teri, it was never the same adjustment twice, it seemed she just knew what was needed and how to help. She consistently fixed the problem with the goal of keeping it fixed. I didn’t even have to tell her what was wrong, she just knew and altered her adjustment accordingly. I was so grateful to have her on my care team, especially during my pregnancies. She kept me comfortable (which is hard to do especially in late pregnancy) and helped prepare my body for the best possible birth. She also adjusted our entire family including our two young children and you can consistently see the results in all of them even when they were little babies. Dr. Teri is such a valuable asset to the wellness community. She genuinely cares about her patients and our family will forever be grateful for her care! 

~ H.C.

Pregnancy can be challenging enough

I originally heard of Terri through a client after hurting my back from a fall. I was a personal trainer and avid lifter at the time and needed help. Terri got me back in the gym pain-free in no time.

In 2013 I became pregnant and once again Terri helped me through the ups and downs of pregnancy pains. I didn’t truly know how good I had it till I moved away and continued to have children. Terri’s skill is unmatched and I would come back to FL as often as I could for her help. Pregnancy can be challenging enough, your body getting out of alignment isn’t something a new mom “has” to deal with. Terri truly helped me during and post-pregnancy to get back to the things I loved doing.

~ A.S.

Thoughtful and truly invested in every one of her patients

 I have been a patient of Dr. Teri for over 15 years. I initially went to Dr. Teri for help when I was pregnant. I was determined to have my child without a c-section, and she was breech. With the help of Dr. Teri and my OB/GYN, I was able to deliver my daughter, not breech, without a c-section. I continued as a patient of Dr. Teris after I delivered because of the care that she provides. She is extremely thoughtful and is truly invested in every one of her patients. I have recommended her to many people including both my parents and took my daughter to her as well. She is very knowledgeable in many facets of chiropractic care. She has helped me, and my family, overcome main pain points from hip, knee, growing pains, TMJ issues, and the list goes on. She provides at-home exercises in addition to office care that helps in-between visits. She is thorough, considerate, and very compassionate about her work. I would recommend her over and over. She would be an amazing asset to any organization.

~ S.J.