Is Your Baby’s Head a Little Lopsided? Fear Not, We Can Explain Flat Head Syndrome

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Here Is Your Guide to Conquering Flat Head Syndrome

Hey mamas, ever noticed your little one’s head looking a little…flattened on one side? Don’t panic! You’re not alone. This common concern, known as plagiocephaly (fancy word for flat head syndrome), affects up to 20% of two-month-olds. While it sounds scary, the good news is, it’s often easily managed with some simple tweaks and, in some cases, a little chiropractic TLC.

But first, let’s bust some myths:

  • Blame game? Not so fast. While the “Back to Sleep” campaign played a role, plagiocephaly isn’t just about sleeping positions. Things like your baby’s pre-birth position, twins, birth trauma, and even car seat time can contribute.
  • Flat? Not always flat! Don’t freak out if you notice a slight asymmetry. Often, these mild cases resolve on their own with some positioning adjustments. It’s the persistent, noticeable flattening that requires attention.

So, how do you fight the flat? Here’s your arsenal:

  • Position power: Tummy time is your friend! Encourage those head lifts and neck stretches. Switch up car seat and carrier positions (remember, not too much “canister” time!).
  • Stretching superhero: Gentle neck and head stretches can work wonders. Your pediatrician can show you some basic moves.
  • Babywearing wins: Ditch the neck strain and keep your little one close with a comfy carrier. Bonus points for head support!

But what if the flatness persists? Enter the chiropractic cavalry:

  • Gentle adjustments: Chiropractors like Dr. Teri, trained in pediatric care, can perform safe, gentle adjustments to help correct muscle imbalances contributing to the flattening.
  • Cranial magic: Cranial sacral therapy, a light-touch technique, can help release restrictions in the skull bones, promoting symmetry while relieving muscle tension that may be pulling our baby out of shape.

Helmet hero or holistic hero? You decide:

  • Helmet time: In severe cases, your doctor might recommend a helmet to help reshape the skull. But remember, this is usually a last resort.
  • Chiropractic champion: Early intervention with chiropractic and cranial sacral therapy can often prevent the need for helmets, promoting natural, healthy development.

Remember,  mamas, you’ve got this! With a little awareness, some simple home care, and maybe a visit to your friendly pediatric chiropractor, like Dr. Teri,  you can conquer flat head syndrome and keep your little one’s head happy and healthy.

Bonus tips:

  • Seek professional advice: If you’re concerned about your baby’s head shape, always consult your pediatrician or a pediatric chiropractor for a proper diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.
  •  Chiro choices: Did you know that Dr. Teri is also a mobile pediatric chiropractor who will come to you and baby? We know a new infant can impact your time and sleep. Schedule an appointment for a mobile visit.

Let’s keep those craniums cute and comfy!

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