Navigating Motherhood’s Maze – Unveiling the Intricate Dance Between Birth, Babies, Moms, and the Nervous System

Chiropractic Care  |  Pre-Post Natal & Child

by Dr. Becca Keyes

We love working at Bellies & Babies. It’s the perfect blend of what we hold closest in our personal lives – motherhood – and what we love most about our professional careers as chiropractors – helping others achieve a calm nervous system.

People often remark that chiropractors are “back doctors” or “spine doctors” and our job is to correct misalignments. It’s likely that many have been told this by chiropractors. But it’s only because the central nervous system lives in the spine. We are truthfully “nervous system doctors”.  If you or your baby has ever been adjusted by us, you will have noticed that we also give attention to the cranial bones, the jaw, the shoulders, the feet, and even organs in the belly. The nervous system exists throughout the whole body. To solely focus on the back, we would be missing so many important areas that need attention to regulate the nervous system.

When the nervous system is able to be calm then rest and digestion happen. We find love and joy come to us easier. We breathe better and smile more. We bond with others and build more memories. That’s what our mission is. We want to remove pain and tightness so that you can enjoy life more. We balance the misalignments and teach you to stabilize so you don’t need us so often. We loosen the grip of the stressors that keep you in survival mode so that your body can just be. Underneath the stress, it’s perfect. You’re perfect. Your baby is perfect. As Cincinnati pregnancy chiropractor’s we want to help calm your nervous system during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond

Ever grateful to be your chiropractors,

xo Dr. Becca & Dr. Teri

Certified Neuro Emotional Technique, Certified Pediatric Chiropractor