Throughout the various stages of life, women navigate a landscape marked by a persistent lack of sleep. As we take on increasing responsibilities, from pursuing education to building careers and nurturing families, sleep often takes a back seat in our quest to juggle it all.

Sleep, oh precious sleep, its absence is a silent assailant. Disrupting our circadian rhythms, it wreaks havoc on our metabolic and endocrine functions, potentially leading to infertility, weight gain, depression, and anxiety. Even during pregnancy, inadequate sleep can contribute to complications like gestational hypertension, diabetes, preterm birth, and longer labor.

During postpartum, the toll continues, taxing our metabolism and immune system, and amplifying postpartum depression and anxiety. So, what’s the solution?

Practically speaking, it boils down to time and resources. Simple strategies can make a significant difference. Starting with activities like mindful breathing and walking can help reduce daytime sedentariness and calm the nervous system, promoting better sleep at night. Establishing a schedule or routine, albeit challenging amid our myriad obligations, is crucial. We often prioritize others’ needs over our own, perpetually deferring self-care. Yet, nurturing hobbies, reconnecting with friends, or indulging in a good book not only benefits us but also enhances familial harmony and child rearing.

Additionally, seeking professional assistance such as massages, chiropractic care, postpartum doula services, or hiring a nanny can provide much-needed respite.

Understanding newborn sleep patterns and determining what sleep space works best for your family can make a huge difference as well.

Ultimately, sleep is non-negotiable for a healthy, fulfilling life. Prioritizing self-care, even in small doses, is paramount. By investing in ourselves, we safeguard our well-being and enrich the lives of those we love. Sleep and its effects on the nervous system and thus every system on the body is why as chiropractors we want to address it and bring to the forefront its importance.